Frequently Asked Questions

What causes property assessments to change?

Many factors can change the assessed value of your property. Events such as changes in tax laws, zoning changes, age of the property along with the value of surrounding properties all are contributing factors to assessment changes. The Tax Relief Group reviews the current tax laws, compares that data with other assessments, runs Net Operating Income Reports, evaluates the re-construction costs, market feasibility reports and analyzes your property’s assessed value vs. sales of comparable properties.

Should I file a Property Tax Appeal?

Yes. Over 65% of all properties in America are over-assessed, which leads to higher property tax bills. Less than 7% of property owners challenge their property taxes. An average of 70% of the properties challenged receive a refund and an annual reduction of between 10%-25% on their tax bill.

How does the taxing authority appraise my property?

Taxing authorities use Mass Appraisal Software to determine property values, basically adopting a “one size fits all approach” to determine Real Estate values. This method of valuation does not favor you, the taxpayer.

How much will I save when I win my appeal?

The average annual reduction is usually between 10%-25%, but on commercial properties the percentages are often higher. After careful analysis of your property, The Tax Relief Group will issue a professional opinion on the tax savings that can be achieved.

Why should I use the Tax Relief Group?

We have over 20 years experience successfully negotiating and reducing real estate costs on behalf of our clients. We are experts by result.