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The Tax Relief Group provides a full range of real estate cost reduction services in the areas of commercial property tax consulting and appeals, business personal property tax compliance, and lease and common area maintenance services. The Tax Relief Group is experienced with all local tax laws and valuation methodologies, allowing our property tax consultants to have local knowledge combined with a national coverage, making The Tax Relief Group… the right choice for you.

Commercial Property Tax Appeals

Our team of Property Tax Consultants has over 20 years of experience in winning commercial property tax appeals for our clients. If you own or manage commercial real estate and believe your property is over assessed, call us. We can help.   We work on a contingency basis and our fee is based on a percentage of the tax savings only. If we don’t win, you don’t pay.

The Tax Relief Group does not take on frivolous appeals. Our firm will not represent you unless we feel there are legitimate grounds for winning your appeal. Commercial Appeals can sometimes be lengthy and expensive. The Client is responsible for all costs of appraisals and legal fees, should they be necessary.

Lease & CAM Audit Services

TTRG reviews complete lease files and extracts significant items to compile a lease abstract. We also provide a myriad of lease and administration services including expense review, invoice validation and monitoring of critical dates, obligations, and rights. TTRG can serve as one point of contact for all lease administration needs, providing an in-house of lease experts without the overhead.

The Tax Relief Group can thoroughly examine the CAM structure, obligations, and payment methodology for each tenant. From our years of experience, reviewing thousands of leases and conducting diligence, we know that land lords do not always accurately bill their their tenants for CAM charges.

Business Personal Property Tax Compliance

Many Taxing Authorities have a Tangible or Personal Property Tax. Rules for what is taxable can vary by state. As is often the case, inaccurate inventory reporting, overstated market value of furnishings, fixtures and equipment, along with a lack of understanding correct depreciation schedules can lead to inaccurate personal property tax bills.

If you are simply using the data from federal income tax filings, disregarding functional obsolescence or still reporting fully depreciated assets, you are paying too much personal property tax. Should you feel your taxing authority has assessed your personal business property with the wrong value, for whatever reason, call us. Our experienced team of accountants and appraisers can assist you to insure you pay the correct tax due and not a penny more.